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For SMEs located in Tokyo, we are expecting the creation of their business relationship on a Win-Win & Long-Term basis with business enterprises in ASEAN and in the global marketplace.

We, Tokyo SME Support Center, are a public organization and have useful data of excellent SMEs located in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, on an unparalleled scale.

We are a professional group dealing effectively with “Business Matching” of your enterprise with a well-suited enterprise in ASEAN ・MENA and in the global marketplace. The key word in the process of “Business Matching” is “Win-Win & Long-Term Relationship”.

By the Business Matching based on the Win-Win & Long-Term Relationship, SMEs located in Tokyo will realize free and vigorous business transactions with enterprises in ASEAN ・MENA and MENA etc in the global marketplace. Further, we are sure that the above-mentioned activities will generate new products and new technologies, advance the cultivation of human resources, and then lead to the development of the relevant countries.

It would be really appreciated by us if you would apply for “Business Matching” program of Tokyo SME Support Center.

We are sincerely looking forward to your visiting our office or contacting us.

E-mail : ttc@tokyo-kosha.or.jp

Tel: +81-3-5822-7241

Profile of Tokyo Trade Center of Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center

Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center is a public-interest corporation established by Tokyo Metropolitan Government for promoting business developments of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Tokyo, and it supports SMEs in various business fields to meet their levels of growth.
The Tokyo Trade Center, one of the divisions of Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center, is responsible for comprehensive support of SMEs in terms of their internationalization, through various activities as explained below.

1. Supports for development of global marketing

(1) "Hands-on" supports by global-marketing navigators ( in Japanese only )

The comprehensive and practical supports are provided by the long experienced "Global Marketing Navigators", aiming at the sales of the ingenious products, Tokyo Quality Products, in global markets with the cooperation from the trading firm and its global sales network.

(2) Global business desk report ( in Japanese only )

Cooperating with private enterprises, the desk collects the latest information on the major markets in Asia, and carries out the market research and the periodical report is provided.

(3) Global Exhibitions Support

Various global Exhibitions are effectively used to show the target products for global market development.

Target sales items selected by our office will be exhibited at some major Exhibitions in global markets. The Global Marketing navigators together with our staff will support the exhibitors for the selected target items, including visits to some prospective buyers/trade offices in the particular markets where such trade fairs are held.

(4) Reference books and data corner for the global business

Various reference books, trade magazines and leaflets are available for visitors to find necessary trade related information on a free of charge basis.

2 Trade Consultations

(Offered for SMEs in Tokyo)

Long experienced trade consultants with an extensive knowledge of international trade provide consultation services to various types of business.

Access to the consultation:

Visit to our office, Make a call to our office, sending Fax or E-mail to us
Consulting Schedule:
Monday through Friday except for National Holidays
Consultation hours:
9:00 a.m. to 12:00a.m. and 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.

(Note) We will not disclose or provide the contents of the consultation to any third party, except for the case where you require the submission. We will also manage your information properly based on our privacy-protection policy "Handling of Personal Data".

3. Global business seminars

Seminars for export and import business practices are periodically held to meet various requirements and interest of the learners.

We hold the following seminars.

  1. Global Business Start-up Seminar
  2. Global Market Development Seminar
  3. Practical Training Course for personnel working on international trade
  4. Training Course for making a leader for global business

Note: All seminars are provided in Japanese lunguage

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