6. THE GRAND METALEX 2016 (Thailand)

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November 23th - 26th, 2016
Venue  :  
BITEC | Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Bankok, Thailand
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Tokyo Pavilion  :  
15 co-exhibitors and Tokyo SME Support Center
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full cost of booth charge, set one interpreter per co-exhibitor, prepared catalogs, poster and movie both in English and Thai, Support business talk at the booth by our staff members, attending customers visit, direct mail
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NoAH18-25, AG27-29, AF26-29 HALL 98
Exhibitors   :  
No. Products Name Booth
1 Electron Beam Lithography System AH24
The world's first 125kV ultra high precision electrom beam lithography system
2 Air leak testerAH22
Differential pressure type air leak tester incorporated leading-edge technology (LS-R900/LS-R700)
3 CentrifugeAH21
High-efficiency screw decanter (SID Series) and hyperfiltation centrifuge for general industry (ADS Series)
4 Ultrasonic Welder AH18
Compact and multifunctional device that welds plastic product in a second
5 Airless Paint Spayer/ High Pressure washerAH25
Eco-friendly and power-saving airless paint sprayers (TB-8) and sound proof high pressure washer (JC-1513DPN)
6 Condensate Drainage System
Steam Trap
Ultimate steam condensate drainage system trap (Steam Z) that offers far greater efficiency compared to traditional steam traps
7 Sheet Resistance Measuring InstrumentAH20
The world's first probe exchange type resistance measuring instrument
8 Reflectors / Precision Press AG27
Reflector controls light effectively by combining the precision press technology
9 Heaters / ThermocouplesAG29
High durability heater and heat-resistant thermocouple for temperature measurement with high degree of accuracy
10 Safety Sensor / Wire StripperAG28
Driving accident prevention sensor for crane truck (Boom Keeper) and easy stripping tool for the outer UTP/STP cable jacket (Kururipper)
11 Rotating Torque Meter AH19
Highly accurate and innovatively compact torque meter that measures the rotational performance of every product
12 Glycerin Pressure GaugeAF26
Micro-mini hydraulic glycerin pressure gauge are not only durable but accurate.
13 Micro ScrewsAF27
Small, high-precision, 0% defective micro screws for precision devices
14 Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection Device AF28
Detection device that improve the accuracy of inspections due to the specialization in finding flaws of the suurface
15 Plating for Various MaterialsAF29
Highly accurate and quality functional plating with lots of color variations
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