7. Manufacturing Indonesia 2016 (Indonesia)

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Date  :  
November 30th - December 3rd, 2016
Venue  :  
Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran
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Tokyo Pavilion  :  
8 co-exhibitors and Tokyo SME Support Center
Official support  :  

full cost of booth charge, set one interpreter per co-exhibitor, prepared catalogs, poster and movie both in English and Indonesia, Support business talk at the booth by our staff members, attending customers visit, direct mail
Booth  :  
No. 9515〜9522、9524 HALL D
Exhibitors   :  
No. Products Name Booth
1 Mobile Network Camera "Monitoring M.I.C.S®" D9521
Use simple Full-scale mobile network camera
2 Locking ReceptacleD9519
This feature is the circle-like blade. If you put the plug in the receptacle and turn it to the right, then it locks and becomes impossible to pull out.
3 Descaling and Prevention Device “DigiSavior”D9517
DigiSavior is a device to remove Scale, Slim and Milk of Lime attached in circulating type of pipeline for cooling water like cooling tower, heat exchanger etc. by electromagnetic field.
THRMBLOCK including gas-containing-beads insulates the heat not only by reflecting the sunshine, but also blocking the infrared rays.
5 Ultrasonic Anemometer (AERO SONIC R)D9518
Quick responding Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Measurement!
6 Small-scale IncineratorD9520
Small size incinerator is designed for the installation at a small space to treat mixed garbage.
7 Chukoh Flo PTFE Porous FilmD9522
PTFE porous films and tubes have breathability, moisture permeability and also has waterproof, water repellency performance.
8 Special copper alloys D9524
The special copper alloy devoted manufacturers. Since 1941, we specializes in manufacturing many types of special copper-alloy products
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