Privacy Policy

Handring of Personal Data

April 1, 2011
Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center

1. Basic Policy

In our website, we have established "Personal Data Management Rules" based on the Personal Data protection Law. All of our staff shall endeavor to protect and manage the personal data properly and carefully under the rules by our management.

2. Obtaining of Personal Data

When we obtain personal data, we clearly indicate the purpose of its use on our homepage, and the data shall be obtained within the scope of the stated purpose of use.

3. Intended use of Personal Data

Obtained personal data shall be used for the following purpose.

  1. Information on registered firms and trade associations
    *Disclosure of the obtained personal data shall be limited to the use for trade inquiries, and mutual communication on updating registered records
  2. Personal information obtained in various meetings and lecture classes
    *It shall be used for the Invitation to various meetings and lecture classes sponsored by us

4. Provision of Personal Data

We do not use personal data beyond the stated purpose except for the following cases

  1. When using or providing under the person's agreement
  2. When using or providing , being based on laws and other regulations
  3. When using or providing to publicizing for trade magazines, papers, etc. related to the SMEs support
  4. When using or providing due to the necessity to protect human life or for the security of their property

5. Handling of Personal Data to the entrusted outsider

When we entrust information processing like data entry to the outside party, we shall confirm the adequate handling and secured management of personal data with clear description on the contract that we prohibit the use of personal data except for the case of duties accomplishment, and that entrusted supplier must return the data as soon as their duties are accomplished and must compensate for any loss or damages incurred from the contract..

6.Handling of Complaints

The executive person responsible for handling of information shall respond swiftly and appropriately to the complaints regarding personal data.

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