Introduction of Collaboration with Tokyo Companies
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About Us

The Mission of Tokyo SME Support Center

Tokyo SME Support Center is a public foundation established by Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Our mission is to support small and medium enterprises in Tokyo “from Starting Up to Global Business Expansion.”
Service menu are…

Startups / Promotion / Subsidy / Overseas / Merger and Acquisition / Business succession

Focus on AEC Countries

Tokyo SME Support Center focuses on AEC countries, because we believe business circumstances in AEC countries are full of favorable opportunities for Tokyo SMEs. We established Thailand Branch Office in December 2015 and started Support Desk in Indonesia in fiscal 2017. At last, Vietnam Support Desk operation started in June 2018.

  We have been expanding our network with AEC companies.

  Tokyo SME Support Center started supporting foreign companies intending to collaborate with Tokyo companies.
We pick up potential Tokyo companies for business collaboration and make necessary arrangement with them.

Our Service

1. Hearing

We will hear your plan.
At a first step, we will hear your plan and confirm your vision / strategy in order to support your company effectively.

2. Matching

Our matching coordinator makes a list of collaboration candidates.
From the list you can pick up companies for business talk.
Then the matching coordinator supports to have business talk with the requested companies.
*We will do our best effort,but please understand that you may not get an appointment occasionally.  

3. Advisory

Tokyo SME staff will advise Japanese business custom/commercial practice before you meet Tokyo companies.
For example, some of Japanese companies have concern about seat order of the member in a meeting.  

4. Follow-up

If you want to sell your products to Japan, they may not be accepted by Tokyo companies occasionally.
In such a case, we can report the reason your products are not accepted by Tokyo companies, so that you can get tips to advance your business with them.

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