Tokyo Metropolitan SME Support Center - Tokyo Trade Center has just concluded MOU (Memorandum for business tie-up and cooperation) with KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited, Kingdom of Thailand, as part of supporting activities for SMEs’ globalization.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Metropolitan SME Support Center (hereinafter call “TTC”) have carried out actively the supporting work for Tokyo-based SMEs aiming at expansion of their own products into global market.

ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations) has made its effort to build up AEC (The ASEAN Economic Community) in the year of 2015. The AEC has the purpose of realizing not only free trade transactions but also free service and investment transactions in the region, and the development of this community is one of the most interested matters for Japanese companies

Under the circumstances, for the purpose of further enhancement of TTC supporting activities, TTC would like to inform you of the conclusion of the MOU ( Memorandum for the business tie-up and cooperation) with KASIKORNBANK P.C.L. as the business partner located in Thailand, the AEC member country. Thailand is expected to further expand its economy and has an important geographical location of ASEAN countries, in other words, the center of the area.

It is for the first time among Japanese prefectural supporting organizations that KASIKORNBANK has concluded the MOU with TTC.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government and TTC are determined to enhance the supporting work for Tokyo-based SMEs aiming at expansion of their own products into ASEAN countries, taking the opportunity of the conclusion of the MOU.

NOTE: TTC will provide supporting activity based on the MOU in the business field of “HANDS-ON Support for Developing Global Sales Channels”

1. New Support provided subject to the MOU

More realization of business matching between Tokyo-based SMEs and Thailand-based companies, by utilizing efficiently TTC’s information of sales points of SMEs supported by TTC and KASIKORNBANK P.C.L.’s accumulated information of Thailand-based companies and its suitable advising functions.
In addition, TTC will start to support establishment of a business base in Thailand and selection of commission-based production companies in Thailand.

2. Merits for SME supported by TTC

  1. SMEs will be provided with useful and assured information of Thailand-based prospective companies which is/are necessary for efficient business management and secure collection of payment, etc.
  2. SMEs will be given useful and assured information for listing up and matching with prospective companies fit to SME’s requirements.
  3. Easier expansion into global market and speedier business realization can be expected.

3. Signing Ceremony

The ceremony was held on September 9, 2014 (10:00 am) at Head Office of KASIKORNBANK (Bangkok, Thailand).

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